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2021-11-25 10:22:47 By : Mr. sam xiao

(BPT)-If you dream of remodeling your home within your budget, you have probably considered new paint, carpet or curtains. Although these updates can update the room without breaking the bank, there is a key and often overlooked design element that can really change the room-the lighting.

The good news is that improving lighting does not necessarily require all new fixtures. Simply change from standard bulbs to LED bulbs to enhance the atmosphere of your home with stylish functions and energy-saving advantages, which will have a huge impact on your energy bills and the look and feel of the entire space.

Lighting can change the appearance of paint, furniture and decorations, and becomes more important as the seasons change. As the daylight gets shorter and darker, use an elevated, energy-saving basic home item: LED bulbs to illuminate your home.

Here are some great ideas for using the power of humble light bulbs to transform a room:

1. Use LEDs to save costs

Selected LED bulbs can reduce household energy costs during their entire life cycle. EcoSmart bulbs can save an average of US$0.55-2.65 per bulb during their 25,000-hour service life. The new LED bulbs provide the latest innovations in lighting technology and provide a variety of wattage output, colors, base options and shapes.

LEDs are directional light sources, allowing them to project light and use energy more efficiently. When choosing the ideal bulb style, consider the purpose of the room. The kitchen needs to be bright to help prepare food, but your bedroom should be an oasis of tranquility and comfort. For the living room, you may want to switch from a gaming and puzzle center with focused lighting to a dark home theater for movie nights.

3. Choose "color temperature" to change your mood

Today’s LED bulbs offer a variety of color temperatures, allowing you to make the room feel warmer, more comfortable, or cooler and more refreshing.

Contrary to what you might think, the hotter the light source (in Kelvin), the colder the "color temperature", so a lamp with a temperature of 5,000 Kelvin or higher looks brighter, clearer, and bluer. However, the light temperature at 2,500-3,000 Kelvin emits amber, yellowish or orange tones, making the room feel warmer and more comfortable.

“Just like choosing a cool or warm paint, choosing the right color temperature for your lighting can really change the space,” said Sarah Fishburne, Director of Trends and Design at Home Depot. "You can use'warm' lighting to emphasize warm tones such as yellow, red and orange, or you can make the room feel lighter, brighter, and more airy by choosing'cold' temperature lighting."

Experiment with different bulbs and settings to see which is best for your room. For the final color selection, try an EcoSmart bulb with 5 CCT (correlated color temperature), which allows you to customize the color of the light using an integrated switch. Bulbs equipped with DuoBright technology enable you to adjust the color temperature and brightness at any time using the existing dimmer switch to suit your preferences-emits 5,000 Kelvin (daylight) at full brightness and slowly transitions to 2,000 Kelvin when dimmed (Sunset glow).

Change the light bulb, change the world

Another good news about replacing bulbs? You are also helping the environment. On average, the energy consumption of enhanced EcoSmart LED bulbs is 85% lower than that of traditional incandescent bulbs.

Learn more about EcoSmart bulbs sold only in The Home Depot stores or online at HomeDepot.com.

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