Happy Easy-Bake Oven Day | CKBW

2021-11-25 10:24:27 By : Mr. Skycut Lee

I happened to notice that today is Easy-Bake Oven Day. I don't know why, but it seems like a good idea. Celebrate toys that may interest many children in baking. And may result in half of the shows created on the food network.

But it does make me think. Is the simple oven still there? Don't they use incandescent bulbs? Where do they find these things these days?

In fact, the last question is the one I have been asking for years. At this time of year, I tend to use incandescent bulbs near my water pump. This is enough to prevent it from freezing on cold nights. But I will soon have to come up with a different plan. These bulbs are almost impossible to find.

So I checked the development of Easy-Bake oven. Apparently they now have a small heating element. No longer use light bulbs to bake as before.

But they did teach us a lot. How to mix a little cake mixture. Put it in the pan. Slide it into the slot. And it will burn your fingers because you can’t wait until it cools before eating it.

That is the biggest lesson. The bulb is very hot. This may also cause many children to think that they can touch a person with a thermometer and pretend to have a temperature. Then they can leave school and watch Mr. Dress Up and the friendly giant like children.

I never own it. Although I wouldn't say that I didn't bake when I was a kid. Sometimes I am very good at thinking up my own snacks. But I have to use a normal oven. And permission must be obtained. And there is adult supervision. This may prevent me from eating a whole baking tray full of chocolate chip cookies in one afternoon.

But I always wanted an Easy-Bake oven. A place to cook your own food.

Maybe I will bake a small cake to celebrate this day.

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