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2021-11-25 10:24:34 By : Ms. Ya mu鈥唂ang furniture

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National Lampoon’s Christmas Holidays may be one of the most quoted holiday movies of all time, but when you’re a person who is tied with ropes and cables, this comedy becomes less interesting, rack your brains to wonder why --Why? Those stinky lights won't turn on. If they are not so pleasant, it may be so frustrating that you want to cancel the lighting completely. (Come on, who wants to be called the Grinchy house in the block?) That’s why we turned to the electric company Mr. Electric and John DeCosmo, the president of Ulta-Lit Tree, a brand that makes light restoration gadgets and A hotline has been opened to help people solve any problems along the way.

Facts have proved that there are some problems that appear time and time again. Avoid these four mistakes. The only time this holiday makes you feel like Griswold is if you accidentally leave the turkey in the oven for too long. (If this is the case, can we suggest trying one of these alternatives for Christmas dinner?)

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"Before stringing lights, check whether the bulbs and sockets are damaged, whether the wires are frayed, whether the lamp is burned out, and whether the connection is loose," DeCosmo suggested. That little list can save you a lot of trouble when decorating. If you see any burned out bulbs, even if the rest of the string lights up normally, it is worth repairing. He explained, "Extending the service life of the lamp set is essential." “Four bad bulbs in a 50 bulb group will increase the death rate of that group by 67%.” (Ulta-Lit’s claim to fame is LightKeeper Pro, which is a small tool the size of a hot glue gun that helps in testing and Fix the malfunctioning bulb.) 2. We ignored the rule of thirds

No, we are not talking about displaying artworks and accessories in odd numbers (although this is still a reliable decoration suggestion). In the field of lighting, this means that there are no more than three things plugged into an extension cord at any given time. The Electric team says this prevents overheating. Before you groan, "But my extension cord has seven plugs-why not use them?!" Please note: There are about 160 Christmas tree fires every year, and nearly half of them are due to electrical or lighting problems.

Putting on decorations is far more interesting than removing them. fact. However, in order to solve this problem as quickly as possible, we may leave a mess of things to dig out next year-or something that currently looks orderly enough, but as your box decorations are dragged into the storage room , It will only become knotted and rough. You can buy a lightweight organizer to keep it tidy, but one of the most effective options is also very budget-conscious: check the remaining boxes in the holiday gift, and then cut out approximately 10 x 15 inches of cardboard. "One for each light group," DeCosmo said. "Make a small slit at each end, then wrap the lamp set around the cardboard, place the male plug on one end and the female plug on the other end. If stored properly, this can reduce the chance of tangling and provide adequate protection. "

DeCosmo says that the lifespan of an incandescent bulb is 2,000 hours, which seems unbelievable—unless you calculate: “90 days of 24 hours use equals 2,160 days.” (Considering that most of us are on the weekend after Thanksgiving Arrange the decorations and save them until mid-January. According to the 2021 pushpin survey, it is safe to say that even if you only keep these wires, you should only expect them to last for a few years and they spend a few hours a day.)

Similarly, “LED users think they will never encounter problems,” DeCosmo said. "In BMW and Mercedes applications, as well as in hospitals and traffic lights, this situation will be [more real]. However, since Christmas lights usually sell for less than 10 cents, we cannot achieve the same high Performance expectations." You might get six to seven years from them, but if you keep them throughout the year, the lifespan may be as short as two years. When they officially expire, reclaim them.

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