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2022-09-25 01:35:31 By : Ms. Min Miao

SEWA, a non-profit organization, replaced the old incandescent bulbs with efficient LED lights in more than two lakhs households as part of the project.

Isn’t it astounding to know about all those platforms, businesses, and companies that leave no stone unturned in making a prominent difference through their work in the world? Though this is easier said than done, there have been a few companies that have done even that and ensured to offer services/products that have had the power to create a positive dent in society, ultimately adding more value to the lives of people they wish to serve. The world today needs more such brands and platforms that work with a genuine purpose to do good and spread the good among others.

This automatically has drawn people’s attention to the many initiatives and platforms that have been contributing heavily toward climate change across the world. Due to many man-made actions, the planet has experienced massive negative impacts, which non-profit organizations like SEWA have been working toward with initiatives like replacing the old incandescent bulbs with efficient LED lights. This has been done by Founder cum Chairman of SEWA Bibek Bora, who emphasizes how essential it is for companies to come forward to do their bit for the planet, which only has everything to give to the human race.

With this initiative of theirs, so far, they have helped two lakhs households in Assam and Bihar through Project Shine with C-Quest Capital LLC, the USA, and Gram Ujala Scheme with Convergence Energy Services Limited (CESL), a green energy focused venture of the EESL Group owned by central public sector undertakings under the Ministry of Power, New and Renewable Energy, through which SEWA reached out to 2,21,651 households and saved around 85000 KW of energy.

People in India have had to bear troublesome electricity bills over the years, especially in rural India, and a major cause has been the Incandescent bulbs, known for consuming enormous power and releasing heat into the environment. It was time to come up with a meaningful solution, and thus, replacing those with subsidized LED lights came as a much sought-after solution, making households more energy efficient. Earlier, the villagers were using 60 Watt and 100 Watt Incandescent Filament Light Bulbs, which SEWA helped them replace with 7 watts and 12 watts LED lights, respectively.

Various such non-profit organizations and platforms are now encouraged to implement various climate change solutions at the grass-root level under the Carbon-mitigation projects to give back to the planet.

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