Prime Early Access Sale: Get Up to 72% Off on Echo Devices and Smart Bulbs

2022-10-09 12:18:31 By : Mr. curry zhang

Prime members get to save a lot of money on their new smart home upgrades.

Amazon's second deal event for Prime members is coming up in a week, but we're already getting access to some spectacular deals. If you've been meaning to smarten up your home, then the Echo Dot or Echo Show paired with GE Smart LED Ligth Bulbs may be a great step.

Prime members can get these packages for up to 72% off, which is outstanding if you ask us.

While these Amazon deals have been made available for Prime members ahead of the actual Prime Early Access Sale event, they'll be on until the end of the 12th of October, when it all ends. Unlike some early deals we had during the first Prime Day, this one won't end ahead of the big day.

Here's what you can get with a massive discount right now:

The Echo devices have the double role of smart speakers and smart hubs for your home. They will help answer questions for you like what score a specific game ended with, who played a certain song, or what the weather will be like tomorrow. They will also play music for you, as well as audiobooks and podcasts, and start up your smart devices.

If you have a connected robot vacuum, for instance, it will power it up and send it off to clean the house with a simple voice command.

Now, when paired with the two-pack GE smart bulbs, you'll also control the lights in your home. The smart light bulbs connect directly to your Wi-Fi router and you can connect them with the help of Alexa through commands like "Alexa, turn on the lights." The smart bulbs can change color, so you can choose warm or cold tones when using regular white light, or go for pastels, if you'd like. The best part, however, is that you no longer have to get off the couch or bed to go turn off the lights. Just have Alexa do it for you.

As the Prime Early Access Sale draws closer, we're going to get access to lots more cool deals you'll want to get your hands on, so make sure you don't miss out on this Echo and GE bulbs combo.

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